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Nov 21, 2006 at 07:43 PM

Mill Creek - Seattle, Washington, United States of America

Located 30 kilometres north of Seattle, Mill Creek is a successful residential development with more than 7,500 people in 440 hectare of land. It started in 1973 as a joint venture with Tokyu and Obayashi and is currently managed by United Development Corporation owned by Tokyu companies. The project includes golf courses, a shopping centre and many parks. It is known as one of the best residential developments around Seattle.

Northwest Landing- Seattle, Washington, United States of America

The 2800 acre Northwest Landing project in DuPont, Washington incorporates a mix of residential, commercial, and office uses into a single cohesive development. The project, located between Tacoma and Olympia, consists of five mixed-use villages situated on an expanse of land overlooking the Puget Sound, and adjacent to the old company town of DuPont. The site contains many archaeological and historically significant sites, including Native American settlements and one of the first trading forts in the Northwest. The plan for Northwest Landing contains over 4,000 residential units, 150 acres of office development, and two "Main Street" retail areas. A common village green services as a comfortable public space and gathering place.
Neighbourhoods range from traditional single-family to alley-served cottages, each with small mini-parks. State Farm Insurance Company chose the site adjacent to the village green for its regional headquarters, demonstrating that well-designed mixed-use developments can be very attractive to large employers. Intel has also chosen Northwest Landing for a 192 acre campus for computer assembly and research and development.

The plan for Northwest Landing (including Palisade Village) incorporates public spaces, recreational areas, and employment uses with a variety of neighbourhoods, and housing types ranging from large-lot single family homes, to townhomes, to six-plex apartments.

A clock tower anchors the Village Green, which is fronted by housing and a mixed use complex. The Green contains passive recreation space in addition to a small Amphitheatre used throughout the year for various community events.

The public realm along Palisade Boulevard is enhanced by the alley-served homes, which require fewer curb cuts and help maintain the walkable character of the street.

Townhomes face onto the Village Green and exhibit an architectural character reminiscent of pre-WWII bungalow homes found throughout the region.

The architectural style and detailing of Northwest Landing evokes the craftsman bungalow style seen throughout much the Pacific Northwest.

The multi-family housing at Northwest Landing employs human-scale street facades similar to that of the single-family homes, maintaining a pedestrian- friendly environment throughout the project.

With views of Mt. Rainier from much of the site, the plan for Northwest Landing is interwoven with a complex pattern of natural open spaces, formed and designed around existing topography, wetlands and streams, and historic archaeological sites.

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