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Nov 21, 2006 at 07:36 PM

Kansai Science City - Kyoto, Japan

KSC will be situated in the Keihanna Hills (which extend over Kyoto, Osaka and Nara prefectures) within a 10 to 30 kilometer radius of these cities, which constitute the centre of western Japan. KSC's aim is to promote not only the natural sciences, but all the inter-related activities of culture, academic research and industry, including the humanities and the social sciences in cooperation with industry, academia and government.

The Keihanna Hills where KSC is under construction are noted for their abundant nature and rich cultural heritage as the cradle of Japanese civilisation. This unique and central location means that KSC has been able to establish close lies with the major science and research parks of the Kansai region with the construction of Kansai international Airport. KSC also has convenient access to major cities around the world.

The purpose of the KSC project is to develop and organise Culture and Scientific Research Districts; a group of twelve new districts in an area of approximately 15,000 hectares, where the three prefectures of Kyoto, Osaka and Nara meet.

By this development method, in which the area is divided into a group of small districts, harmonisation with the natural environment and the local communities is made possible. In this way a step-by-step plan of development is also reachable.

Each district will be developed and will form an autonomous city with high-level amenities and mainfold functions to facilitate research and study, living, work, learning, interaction and play, and will be integrated, by a transportation and information network, into an organic whole.

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