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Nov 16, 2006 at 05:08 PM

Foreground from left to right

Mr Akihito Ikeda
MD, Yanchep Sun City

Mr Shinobu Shimizu
Chairman, Tokyu Corporation

Mr Richard Court
Premier of Western Australia


Mr Yoshinori Ogata
Yanchep Sun City


An agreement on Monday 19th July 1999 between the State Government and Japanese conglomerate Tokyu Corporation foreshadows the largest single residential land development in Western Australian history.

Premier Richard Court and Chairman and President of Tokyu Corporation Mr Shinobu Shimizu were the head signatories to the St Andrews Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed at a special ceremony at Parliament House.

"The Agreement between Tokyu Corporation and the State Government is a significant step forward in ensuring that the people of Perth will continue to enjoy a standard of housing which is amongst the best in the world," the Premier said.

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