St Andrews Concept Plan

The St. Andrews site at final buildout will be a tapestry of different neighborhood types anchored by a series of Village and Town Center activity nodes and knit together by a mixed-use transit corridor. Each of the project’s various neighborhoods will have its own unique character and sense of place. The major components of the plan are as follows:

01) Mixed-Use Activity Centers
A series of Town, Village and Coastal activity centers will be located throughout the project to insure that no neighborhood is more than a short walk from a pedestrian-scaled mixed-use downtown/small town environment. These centers will have shops, services, restaurants, civic uses, transit infrastructure, and housing.

02) Residential Neighborhoods
Orbiting around the activity centers are the residential neighborhoods. Though they vary widely in density and housing types, these communities do have some things in common: narrow, tree-lined streets; civic uses at neighborhood centers; pedestrian friendly front porch streetscapes, and plenty of land set aside for schools, green links and other shared amenities.

03) Mixed-Use Transit Corridor
The disparate neighborhoods and activity centers are connected by a mixed-use transit corridor that changes in character across the site: to the south it is primarily a jobs-rich employment boulevard and to the north it is a mixed-use residential zone. All uses in the corridor are served by transit: this accessibility allows residential and employment densities to be higher in this linear neighborhood than elsewhere in the project. The transit system runs in the boulevard and connects to regional rail at the southernmost Town Center.

04) District Employment Areas
These business park areas offer a setting for industrial uses and other employment tenants that because of noise, size, or security concerns might not fit in well in the project’s other mixed-use neighborhoods.

05) Existing Urbanized Areas
There are of course two wellestablished communities already on the site: Two Rocks and Yanchep. These areas are incorporated into the project and planning work that has already been done on these areas was used as a starting point for the St Andrews