Phase One Enterprise Area

The Southern Town Center and it’s adjacent neighborhoods will be the setting for the Phase One Enterprise Area. This zone will be a jobs-rich employment district that will benefit from its close proximity to a major mixed-use population center and all of its related activities and infrastructure including a regional rail multi-nodal station stop, a university and TAFE campus, a potential hospital facility, and numerous other amenities. The phase one Enterprise Area (generally defined as the area below the southernmost major east/west greenway and east of Capricorn Village) will contain the following employment types:

01) Corridor Employment
The majority of this office/ R&D employment use is located in the area south of the Town Center but north of Yanchep Beach Road. The potential hospital site (15 ha) is included in this category. Corridor Employment uses are more urban in character and are thus appropriate uses in and around the Town Center.

02) District Employment
These light-industrial areas have a lower job density and are typically more truck oriented; they are therefore located at the periphery of the project adjacent to the future freeway and away from mixed-use urban centers.

03) Town Center Employment
These are Corridor Employment uses that are located within the Town Center zone.

04) Town Center Employment (Mixed-Use)
These buildings within the Town Center area are mixed-use; they have employment uses on upper floors located over retail or they share parking with another use (such as retail.)